Mark Woollacott
  • Mark Woollacott

  • Born: in The United Kingdom.

  • Description: In February 2012, Mark independently published his first play, Love Sings like the Nightingale. This was soon followed by his novel, Pray for Fey, which was published in the same year. His second published novel, Turning Snowflakes into Snowdrops, was released in 2013.

    Says Mark: “There has always been a number of themes which have been of interest to me on a creative and inspirational level, and these are the themes of beauty, divine love and spirituality. In some ways, these themes have acted as a foundation - and an important catalyst - which steered and guided my creativity. Such themes have the power to inspire. Creativity fulfils such an important need in society - it makes an impression on so many levels.”

    During the latter part of 2017, Mark became inspired to write a book about his spiritual experiences and beliefs. This book (published in June 2020) is entitled A Beautiful Reality. The manuscript underwent many changes in its evolution. It was during the writing process of this book that he experienced what is known as “inspired writing” – a form of writing that arises from a higher state of conscious awareness. These inspired passages of text are also found in Mark’s book Love Would Say. This experience was completely new to him – and also quite unexpected! Inspired writing doesn't involve meditating or going into some sort of religious trance-like state, nor is it the same thing as “free writing” or “automatic writing”; rather it happens when the writer is fully conscious and alert, like an immediate flow of thoughts in the mind, beautiful, almost poetic at times. The only way to describe the difference between inspired writing and ordinary everyday creative writing, is that inspired writing genuinely seems to carry a “greater spiritual truth” in the words that are coming through into the conscious mind, and feels very natural and peaceful when it occurs – the words are already there for the author, they are simply and gratefully received, but never constructed consciously!

    Says Mark: “Inspired writing is but another part of the journey for me, as a writer. I hope my inspired books will be helpful and engaging for readers.”

    In November 2020, Mark published a 168-page book entitled, Dream of Peace, Be at Peace. This motivational book helps readers to cope with issues such as depression, bereavement, loneliness, unemployment, stress, anxiety etc. Each chapter deals with a different issue and encourages the reader to take back their own personal power of action and cultivate greater confidence and peace, in order to move forward positively in life.