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"Indeed. I have often thought that when a man selects one word over another he often reveals far more of himself than he intended."

"Here lies the body of Colonel Cornell’s. The rest of the fellow, I fancy, in hell is."

"Every time we are faced with a choice, and we are faced with them every minute of every day, we make a decision to follow its course into the future. But what of the abandoned options? Are they like unopened doors? Do alternative futures lie beyond them? How far would we wander from the course we have steered were we to go back and, just once, open Door A instead of Door B?"

"Beware of the brains you invade."

"We all act on what we know, what we see, what we are told and how we feel. The simple fact of the matter is that not a single one of us operates under identical influences. That is why the future is always uncertain."


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Mark Hodder
  • Mark Hodder

  • Date of birth: November 28
  • Born: in Southampton, The United Kingdom.

  • Description: British writer living in Valencia, Spain.

    Becoming the father of twins really slowed my writing down for three years. However, I'm happy to report that it's now returning to its former pace ... high time I got something new into the bookshops. I'm currently working on the final edit of a new SF novel which is the first in what I hope will be a massive new series.

    To find out more about it, read a pre-release version, access loads of extra material--including deleted scenes and writing tips & tricks--and to involve yourself in my creative process, please head over to my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/MarkHodder