Marcio Goncalves
  • Marcio Goncalves

  • Born: in Johannesburg, South Africa.

  • Description: I'm a Portuguese-South African who currently lives in Cape Town. Despite reading in various genres, I consider romantic comedies my favourite genre. I have what some people might describe as an unhealthy fascination for movies: Serendipity, 500 Days of Summer and A lot like love are just three of the many movies I consider unforgettable.

    I also love music and what mood I'm in usually dictates what I listen to. From rock bands such as Metallica, Pearl Jam and Korn to slightly softer artists like Maroon 5 and Pink. I also find Regina Spektor fascinating.

    So, please do join me on my journey, as I try build a career writing romantic-comedy -drama novels in the company of my playlists, to serenade me through life...