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M. Scott Snelten
  • M. Scott Snelten

  • Description: Hi, I am the author of TRIAL BY FIRE: Every soul makes a choice. It's the first installment in the Clara Dune trilogy, a journey that will take her to three continents in her search of true identity--while trying to stay alive as she protects an ancient Spanish artifact.

    My own writer's journey was simple. I became intrigued after learning about a book called The Hero with a Thousand Faces written by Joseph Campbell. He identified a pattern called the Hero’s Journey. It’s a typical adventure that all heroes undertake, and it’s seen in all storytelling, religious rituals, and psychological development. The hero embarks on a journey, whether short or long, in order to accomplish exploits on behalf of a tribe, group, or civilization. It’s this philosophy that inspired me to write a compelling hero’s tale.

    While visiting St. Augustine, Florida, my imagination kicked in. I decided to craft a novel about a teenager on her own hero’s journey in America’s oldest city. It took a few years of research, investigation and writing. Then it took even longer to actually edit it into an engaging, cohesive story. I loved the writer's process, and the story evolved into a tale that would compliment St. Augustine’s 450-year anniversary.