Quotes by Lyra Shanti

"Truth is not subjective, like some people think. There are basic truths that cannot be denied. I like to call them "Common Denominator Truths," such as the need to be loved, the need for warmth and shelter, the need for food and drink, and so on. These common core truths are at the center of being human, and no matter how much humanity tries to alter their own perception of what matters in this world, these basic truths cannot be ignored."

Books by Lyra Shanti

Lyra Shanti
  • Lyra Shanti

  • Date of birth: September 14
  • Born: in The United States.

  • Description: Lyra Shanti, also known as Aryl Shanti, is a novelist, editor, poet, playwright, and songwriter who currently lives in Florida with partner and spouse, Timothyne, and their two insane cats. A lover of nature, animals, anime, music, theatre, movies, myths, and of course, great books, Lyra seeks inspiration from everywhere possible!

    Author of the award-winning sci-fi series, Shiva XIV, Lyra is a dreamer of worlds far away. Further information about Lyra's stories, music, and more can be found at www.lyrashanti.com.