Quotes by Lucy Dawson

"Unrequited love is the only kind that lasts forever."

"kept my promise – because when I slept with Hannah it was just sex and it meant less than nothing – I honestly believe it’s true. I had, and still have, no feelings for Hannah whatsoever. I don’t even particularly like her as a person. I made a mistake – but it’s scarily easy to do."

"Jonathan Day has no autonomy in his relationship with his parents, so he seeks out situations where he gets one up on someone in a parental position instead – I was just a vehicle for his need to lose and then regain control. Sometimes he uses sex to get his own way, sometimes power. He’s happy to play the poor little boy or the powerful man, as long as he has the upper hand. If I hadn’t become his victim, I would have found it fascinating that he could suppress or invoke feelings for the purpose of control, rather than the authenticity of the feelings themselves."

"Like all good liars he adapted his story to suit his immediate circumstance. Did that make me angry? Of course it did."

"Sometimes I think it can be harder to watch someone you love suffer than go through it yourself"


Books by Lucy Dawson

  • White Lies
  • 6,342 ratings
  • April 20th 2018 by Bookouture
  • The Daughter
  • 4,829 ratings
  • January 24th 2018 by Bookouture
  • Don't Ever Tell
  • 2,855 ratings
  • June 25th 2019 by Bookouture

    (first published June 20th 2019)

  • You Sent Me a Letter
  • 2,786 ratings
  • March 3rd 2016 by Atlantic Books

    (first published May 7th 2015)

  • The Memory
  • 2,388 ratings
  • December 6th 2018 by Bookouture
  • His Other Lover
  • 1,982 ratings
  • March 13th 2008 by Little, Brown Book Group
  • Little Sister
  • 528 ratings
  • October 10th 2012 by Sphere

    (first published January 1st 2011)

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  • Description: Lucy studied Psychology at Warwick University before becoming a children’s magazine editor. Her first bestselling book – His Other Lover – was published in 2008. Since then she has published four other novels and her work has been translated into numerous other languages. She lives in Exeter with her husband and children. Lucy finds writing in the third person uncomfortable.