Louise Sommer
  • Louise Sommer

  • Description: Louise Sommer holds a MA in Educational Psychology, a BA in Social Education and has specialised in the treatment of trauma and complicated grief. You can read more about her CV here. She is a highly acclaimed educator, Public Speaker and leader of workshops. Louise Sommer is also the owner of Yellow Bird Press and Free Bird Therapy.

    Since the late 80’s, Louise’s passion has been investigating the role of women in European history, simply because she grew up wondering why women appeared to be absent in history and religion. This ‘absence’ filled her with the need to understand where our modern-day suppressive thought patterns regarding gender and spirituality originated, as she also noticed that spirituality had become gendered. From academic studies, to her extensive worldwide travels and personal investigation, Louise has constantly searched for answers. This is what led her to the understanding of the traumatic role Christianity has played in forming the current Western gender roles, and the deep psychological scars that have been passed from generation to generation over many centuries. Louise calls this work Herstory.

    History, as we are being taught, is literally HIS-story. We now need to uncover, re-write and re-tell HERstory so that we can start creating the most important record of them all, OURstory.

    Today Louise’s work is all about healing Ourstory, reconnecting with, and exploring the deep wisdom and healing powers of our real self, our ancestry, and our own innate spirituality.