Lluís Bosch
  • Lluís Bosch

  • Date of birth: November 30, 1964
  • Born: in Barcelona, Spain.

  • Description: Lluís Bosch is a catalan writer, blogger and teacher.
    He started his career as writer with short stories and comic scripts for the youth magazine "Cavall Fort". After that, he wrote two youth novels Els dimonis de Barcelona , 1990, and El rei del Guinardó, 1991.He also published theater: L'amor a la tarda , 1997 and the novel Les petges invisibles , 2007, that was awarded with the Premi Narrativa de Lleida.On 2013 he entered the crime genre with the novel Aire brut . He received the Premi Memorial Agustí Vehí award with his novel Besòs mar on 2015.He writes on 2 different blogs:* Nigra sum Literature ideas and comments.* Mil dimonis, general comments.