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"Business and financial interests were no more unified or consistent than the social movements, but their activities forged languages and concepts, practices and policies, and founded new institutions to promote mechanisms that either shored up or established inequalities of power, rank, wealth, or cultural status."

"The most successful ruse of neoliberal dominance in both global and domestic affairs is the definition of economic policy as primarily a matter of neutral, technical expertise. This expertise is then presented as separate from politics and culture, and not properly subject to specifically political accountability or cultural critique. Opposition to material inequality is maligned as "class warfare," while race, gender or sexual inequalities are dismissed as merely cultural, private, or trivial. This rhetorical separation of the economic from the political and
cultural arenas disguises the upwardly redistributing goals of neoliberalism—its concerted efforts to concentrate power and resources in the hands of tiny elites. Once economics is understood as primarily a
technical realm, the trickle-upward effects of neoliberal policies can be framed as due to performance rather than design, reflecting the greater merit of those reaping larger rewards."

"Fraser's widely influential version of a distinction between the politics of recognition and the politics of redistribution, first articulated in Justice Interruptus (1997), very carefully notes that these are analytical distinctions, and not a real world separation between intertwined political histories."

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Lisa Duggan
  • Lisa Duggan

  • Date of birth: June 10, 1954
  • Description: Lisa Duggan is Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis at New York University.