Linda Kay Silva
  • Linda Kay Silva

  • Description: Linda Kay Silva, a.k.a. Storm, lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her partner and a menagerie of animals. She wakes up happy, laughs all day long, and lives a life that had included African safaris, Thai temples, riding Harleys, and floating down rivers on bamboo rafts. By day, she is a World, American, British, Asian, and Women’s Literature Professor at a military university. By night, she is a lover of all things zombie-esque and will watch any movie where a zombie eats a human being. She’s has been known to offer parts in her books to her students, who touch her life as much as she hopes she touches theirs. She is proud to be with Sapphire Books and looks forward to a long and satisfying writing career with them. Linda Kay prides herself on responding to everyone who has ever written her, and she encourages you to join her and Sapphire Books on Facebook.

    Linda Kay Silva is the recipient of the 2013 Alice B. Medal for her body of work.

    aka Alex Westmore