Lee Campbell
  • Lee Campbell

  • Born: Salem, MA., The United States.

  • Description: I'm the oldest of five (which is relevant to my story); a mother of four, one not legally recognized (which is key to my story); and a PTSD survivor (ditto).

    I've also been a self-inventor and a self-re-re-inventor, one self making me somewhat notorious in the '70s. During this stint, (some of)my story became quite public. STOW AWAY, my first of two books, begins to unveil what was left untold.

    Backing away from my often warm but sometimes unduly harsh spotlight, I retreated into academia where I then professed the social sciences for decades. By all appearances, I was professional, polished and relatively uncontroversial. A little (not too much) professing leaks into my story, too, which makes STOW AWAY an easy-to-read case study, if you want an excuse to learn a few new things you can use in class discussion, for extra credit or to insert in conversations with some socially-conscious friends who have probably never heard of the subject in quite the way I'm going to acquaint you with it.

    It took me 50 years after the first fact for me to finally sit still long enough to write. Although it took me a while, I know you are going to find it worth your own!