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Lara Sansen
  • Lara Sansen

  • Date of birth: October 30
  • Description: To truly understand your intimate relationships, you must read this book! Lara Sansen, is a business and spiritual life coach. In her research, of over 23 years, she has found that there are compelling similarities between the personalities of people and their "favorite flavor of ice creams." This has inspired her to create understanding a virtual analogy of ice cream "flavors," that is unique to each person's personality. Lara would like to invite you to see which of those tantalizing flavors will taste the best on your tongue....
    Learn how to keep your relationships growing--beyond the sexually neutralized roles so typical of today--and create a relationship that you desire spiritually erotic, sexually deep and passionately. Lara currently works with (PTSD). She helps her clients cut the spiritual cords that bind them, so they can rebuild their lives and families. By utilizing her analogies of "flavors of ice creams."