Kyoko Hikawa
  • Kyoko Hikawa

  • Date of birth: February 15, 1957
  • Born: in Osaka, Japan.

  • Description:
    Name : 冰川京子 (ひかわきょうこ)

    Blood type : A

    Likes Jackie Chan movies and American movies like BIG. Also cats, but not enough to own one. One of her favorite activities is decorating and creating useful objects for her home. Hates mosquitoes and cockroaches. Has enormous trouble in bicycle parks.

    Does mostly light-hearted comedy stories, but very entertaining. She does surprisingly great action scenes (haven't seen many shoujo artists try at a Western before!!).

    Her stories ranges from cute to action, but all done unparalled attention - the drawings are refined and the storylines bring the readers into what the characters feel. Her page layouts and camera angles varies a lot, and thus keeps the interest of the reader.