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KuroKoneko Kamen
  • KuroKoneko Kamen

  • Born: in The United States.

  • Description:
    KuroKoneko Kamen is the bestselling author of the scintillating Demons and Judges paranormal romance series - Wicked Bartender, Incubus Chocolatier, Hollywood Merman, Druid Vampire, Highlander Hellcat, Vampire Punk and Galactic Goth - where the true love of a Judge has the power to redeem a Demon or Vampire of their sins. With a degree in English literature and experiences gained through worldwide travel under her belt, she excels in world building and creating unforgettable characters. Due to her Japanese heritage she’s always possessed an interest in Japanese culture from ancient folktales about yokai, demons, to modern fantasy anime and manga. Even when in the midst of a swashbuckling pirate novel expect a samurai warrior to be thrown into the mix. Keeping her company as she writes are her several dogs and cats, some of which are rescues.