Koyel Mitra
  • Koyel Mitra

  • Born: in Kolkata, India.

  • Description: Hi everyone,
    I am Koyel Mitra from India. I am an M.Sc B.Ed in Mathematics and teach Math at a government high school. I am the author of 8 books- 3 poetry and 4 short stories and 1 drama so far. My other hobbies include singing, drawing, sketching, painting, listening to music and reading books.
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    www.koyelevergreen.wordpress.com My recent book is a short story titled 'Aqua'.I am the author of four more collaborative books like Mirrored Voices, Coffeeshop Blues, Coffeeshop Blues-Traveler's Edition, Mirrored Voices: Best Contemporary Poetry. My newest poetry book is titled" A Poet's Nook". It is available in paperback edition.