K.J. Wetherholt
  • K.J. Wetherholt

  • Description: K.J. Wetherholt has been influenced by depictions of war since childhood, eventually taking such interests to become involved in International Relations, Human Security and Humanitarian Affairs.

    However, also having grown up among the writers and artists of northern Michigan, she would also take great inspiration from Hemingway's Nick Adams stories, including those about Adams post-WWI, and additionally, later, the WWI writings of Siegfried Sassoon, especially having been moved by Memoirs of an Infantry Officer, having incorporated one of Sassoon's poems, "Aftermath," in the manuscript for The Illumination.

    She would later combine the narrative of war in varying media in the media industry from 1993-2005, to becoming the Founder of the Humanitarian Media Foundation in 2006, then becoming co-founder of conflict and post-conflict international research and media initiatives with the MIPJ (http://www.mipj.org). She is also a contributor to various publications on media, information, and humanitarian affairs, including The Daily Beast and the Huffington Post.Depending upon the necessity of varying projects, she spends her time among the United States, Europe, and other locations internationally.