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Ketaki Sane
  • Ketaki Sane

  • Born: Mumbai, India.

  • Description: Words are a lens to focus one’s mind - Ayn Rand

    ...and a book is but a permutation of these words!
    Golden are these words for any author and a writer is always a voracious reader.

    I am one of them - writer and reader! I read everything from books to people.

    I have evolved from a reader to a writer. I am a published author of Romantic Resonance, Nov 13 by Leadstarcorp publication.

    It is a book about resonating with your inner being, it is about romancing with life at large - be it a person or passion. Go all the way....else don't even start!
    It is a brisk and crisp read, alive like a K.Johar movie, I bet you won't put it aside till u savor every bit of it!

    I am sure you will enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing! Cheers!