Quotes by Kenneth Rand

"I wrought me a lyric of fire and fear,
And called on the world to heed —
Till strong men blenched at my haggard face
And shuddered, but would not read.

So I stole me the gold of the mines of Joy
And fashioned a conscious lie —
And they gave me the wreath of the kings of Song
And prayed that I might not die!

(For the lie that I wrought was as old as the world
And dear as the vision of Heaven —
Of the crimson lure of a maiden's lips
And the myth of a sin forgiven!)

But my heart was sick, and my soul grew less,
With the light of my failing days,
Because I had lied to my Knowledge-God
For the pottage of human praise.

O I clung to the rim of the cliffs of Hell
And called on an empty Name —
Till there dropped the tears of a weeping Truth
And saved my soul from the flame.

So I hid my soul in a maiden's hair,
And climbed to a clearer view —
And I found I had lied to a lying God,
And the myth I had sung - was true!"

Books by Kenneth Rand

  • The Rainbow
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  • November 22nd 2018 by Forgotten Books

    (first published July 13th 2015)

Kenneth Rand
  • Kenneth Rand

  • Date of birth: May 08, 1891
  • Died: October 15, 1918
  • Born: in Minneapolis, Minnesota, The United States.

  • Description: Kenneth Rand was an American poet. An English literature graduate of Yale University, he served as chairman of the board of the Yale Literary Magazine, served as literary editor of the Yale Courant, contributed to campus humor magazine The Yale Record and was the class poet. He was one of the poets to whom The Yale Book of Student Verse, 1910–1919 was dedicated.