Quotes by Karen E. Quinones Miller

"When someone tells me "no," it doesn't mean I can't do it, it simply means I can't do it with them."

"Life it too short to deal with crazy people."

"It's so good to have the opportunity to help others who have helped you.

It's not about "tit for tat," it's about "I love you, too."

"Stop spending so much time trying to prove what you already know to people who don't really matter. It just makes you look insecure and lacking self-confidence."

"I may not be perfect, but God knows I'm trying . . . and God knowing should count for something."

Karen E. Quinones Miller
  • Karen E. Quinones Miller

  • Description: Karen E. Quinones Miller is the author of the Essence best selling novels Satin Doll, I’m Telling, Using What You Got, Ida B., (nominated for an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work – Fiction), Satin Nights, and Passin’.

    Miller was born and raised in Harlem and dropped out of school in the 8th grade, but later finished her education and became a reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

    In 1999 she self-published her first novel, Satin Doll, and sold 3,000 copies in just six weeks --and ultimately sold 28,000 copies in six months. The publishing rights to Satin Doll and a second book were ultimately sold at auction for a six-figure deal. She has subsequently been published by Simon & Schuster, Warner Books, and Grand Central Books.

    Miller, who is included in the book Literary Divas: The Top 100+ Most Admired African-American Women in Literature, is a frequent and accomplished public speaker. Miller has conducted numerous publishing/self-publishing workshops that have been attended by people nationwide.

    But more than anything, Miller’s passion is writing. She used her publishing company – Oshun Publishing Company, Inc. – to publish Harlem Godfather: The Rap on my Husband, Ellsworth “Bumpy” Johnson -- the first biography written about the Harlem gangster who was depicted in the movies Cotton Club, Hoodlum and American Gangster – which she co-authored along with Bumpy’s 93-year-old widow, Mayme Johnson. Oshun Publishing also recently published Raw: An Erotic Street Tale by Shay, and Prey For Love by Leyton Wint.