Justin Luke Zirilli Quotes

Justin Luke Zirilli
  • Justin Luke Zirilli

  • Date of birth: January 07, 1982
  • Born: in Bellmore, New York, The United States.

  • Description: Justin Luke is author of Gulliver Takes Manhattan and its sequel, Gulliver Takes Five.

    His newest novella, "Gianni," is now available exclusively on the Kindle.

    He has also penned "Time and Time Again," based on the TV Series "The Vampire Diaries. It is also available exclusively on the Kindle as a part of their Kindle Worlds program.

    He is also the Co-Director and Head Promoter of the New York-Based gay nightlife events company, BoiParty.com. Together with his partner, Alan Picus, they throw weekly dance parties around New York City.

    Justin is also a social media consultant and addict. He has helped countless companies and individuals take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and Podcasts to get out into the world, and grab attention by the throat.

    He is also the creator of Gorgeous, Gay and Twenty-Something, a private international Facebook group now comprised of over 7,700 members.

    When not being a nerd and/or writing, Justin spends his time in Hell’s Kitchen, usually playing Playstation and watching 30 Rock with his boyfriend, Joe.