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Julie A. Walker
  • Julie A. Walker

  • Born: Ontario, Canada.

  • Description: I grew up in Southern Ontario and completed a BSc, majoring in Math, and a BEd, going on to teach grades four and eight before marrying my high school sweetheart and moving to Nashville, TN.
    I have since lived in Raleigh, NC, and Florida.
    Having two wonderful children, Cooper and Anna, and a husband who played in the NHL for 15 years kept me quite busy. We are enjoying being back home now as my husband coaches in the OHL.
    I wrote "Cooper Goes To a Hockey Game" for my son when he was two years old and I couldn't find any books that were both simple enough for his age, yet also captured his love of hockey. Cooper loved me reading it to him over and over.
    After becoming a cancer survivor in 2009 I decided to finish the project I had begun five years ago, and had my book published. I have since gone onto publish a second one "Fun at the Beach", and am currently working on a third, "Anna Goes To Dance".
    My children are my inspiration, the enthusiasm they have shown for my books makes it all worth while.
    "Cooper Goes To a Hockey Game" is also an interactive "app", easily downloaded from the app store; children can colour the pages and turn them into puzzles - there is even applause upon completion! They can read the book, have it read to them, or record theirs, or a parents voice reading it!
    Visit my website to learn more.