Jon Ziegler
  • Jon Ziegler

  • Born: Pontiac, Michigan, The United States.

  • Description: I've never really considered myself a writer. I was always told I was supposed to be an artist. Instead, I began a career as a tree trimmer and a tower climber, and have been doing one or the other for the last twenty years.
    But over those twenty years, I noticed that I had developed a knack at making people laugh with my ridiculous imagination. Whenever something happened that was funny, I would begin imagining scenarios that would make that funny situation even funnier, and people seemed to find it genuinely funny.
    One day on a whim, I started writing down all the funny little stories I had created in my brain. And I found plenty of inspiration for new ones from my wife and two mischievous daughters. I put them all on a blog called "The How-Not-To Guide To Parenting and Marriage", and again, people seemed to find it funny. I enjoyed writing on my site for several years until my life got too busy to keep coming up with new material, and I stopped posting.
    Years later, while recovering from multiple shoulder surgeries, I began to resurrect some of the stories and put them on a Facebook page and self-published book, both also known as "The How-Not-Guide To Parenting and Marriage”.
    I still have a hard time thinking of myself as a writer. I feel more like a funny guy who just happens to write it all down. I guess as long as people still seem to get some sort of enjoyment out of it, I will continue to pursue it, regardless of whether it feels like I am a writer or not.