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  • Description: Visit my web site at to learn about my books.Other pen names: J W Swank & John Swank -search other booksAbout the Author John William Swank:John attended a Methodist church, as a young boy, were he first learned that Jesus loved him. John accepted the Lord as his Savoir when he was a teenager. He spent two years in the Reserve and four years in the Regular Navy where he learned how important it was to be in God's word and to lean on Him for guidance. He married his High School sweetheart, Donna while in the Navy. After, getting out of the Navy he returned to his hometown and attended a local Methodist Church. He served his church in Illinois as a Sunday school teacher and a Methodist Lay Speaker. After seven years living in his hometown, he and his family moved to Florida where they have lived since 1973. While living there the Lord led them to a Southern Baptist Church. From 1977 forward he served as a Sunday school teacher, training union teacher, a Sunday School department director, a Sunday school director, and the Church's outreach director. As a Baptist he was ordained a deacon 1982. He served for several years in a local Baptist association as their Interfaith Director.When the Jones Town tragedy occurred in 1978, he was teaching a class on cults in a local Baptist Church, that tragedy inspired him to continue informing Christians about the danger of these false teachers. 1979 after two years of research, he wrote 300-page study on the subject of man's false religions, called "Wolves in Sheep's Clothing". John started lecturing in many local Churches on the Cults, the New Age, and angels over next fifteen years. In 1982 he taught a new member's class. Based on the material he wrote for that class he wrote and published in 1984 "All Things New!", a course for new Christians. He realized many new Christians were easily misled by their lack of biblical knowledge. This book has been updated and released in 2012.John and Donna belong to a local Methodist Church. He feels that God has given them both a spiritual journey that has taught them many lessons as they grew in their faith. John retired after thirty years with Xerox Corporation in 2004. Writing has been a life long love and now he has the time to devote to it. He is the author of Christian novels, "The Perfect Jouney Series". The Perfect Year, The Perfect View, Amerigeddon, and The Perfect Ending, all are available on Kindle. Look for his new book; Angels, God's Heavenly Helpers.John has also been an advid coin collector for over forty years and has written two books on coins as part of a series "The Dirty Secrets About Coin Collecting." Visit his website: