John Mitchell Quotes

John    Mitchell
  • John Mitchell

  • Date of birth: January 06
  • Born: in Portsmouth, The United Kingdom.

  • Description: I grew up with poverty, insanity and addiction, but I know now that it’s important to see the funny side of it!

    But for all of my life, someone or something has lived right behind me, just visible in the corner of my eye. Fragments of those early childhood experiences continue to smother me in dreadful, breathless moments. I am still anxious about everything and I have a dark place inside my head that I stole from the blackness of the cellar in our first house.

    My writing is honest and accessible. Storytelling is the most important form of human communication. At its best, it is like sitting down with an old friend and having a chat.

    I hope this means that together we can laugh and cry—and cry with laughter.

    Come and sit with me.

    New York, 2015