Quotes by John Katzenbach

"Acepta la locura. Crea el delirio. Establece la duda. Alimenta la paranoia."

"Tememos que nos maten. Pero es mucho peor que nos destruyan."

"El mayor lujo de nuestra existencia, por miserable que sea, es que no sabemos los días que nos han tocado en suerte"

"One of the things I learned in my maddest years was that one could be in a room, with walls and barred windows and locks on the doors, surrounded by other crazy people, or even stuffed into an isolation cell all alone, but that really wasn't the room one was in at all. The real room that one occupied was constructed by memory, by relationships, by events, by all sorts of unseen forces. Sometimes delusions. Sometimes hallucinations. Sometimes desires. Sometimes dreams and hopes, or ambitions. Sometimes anger. That was what was important: to always recognize where the real walls were. (176)"

"Hasta los malos poetas aman la muerte"

Books by John Katzenbach

  • The Shadow Man
  • 4,715 ratings
  • July 31st 1996 by Ballantine Books

    (first published 1995)

  • The Wrong Man
  • 3,487 ratings
  • September 26th 2006 by Ballantine Books

    (first published 2006)

  • Just Cause
  • 2,778 ratings
  • February 22nd 1993 by Ballantine Books

    (first published 1992)

  • The Dead Student
  • 2,532 ratings
  • October 6th 2015 by Mysterious Press

    (first published November 2014)

  • State of Mind
  • 2,524 ratings
  • June 29th 2004 by Ballantine Books

    (first published 1997)

John Katzenbach
  • John Katzenbach

  • Date of birth: June 23, 1950
  • Born: in Princeton (New Jersey), The United States.

  • Description: John Katzenbach is a U.S. author of popular fiction. Son of Nicholas Katzenbach, former United States Attorney General, John worked as a criminal court reporter for the Miami Herald and Miami News, and a featured writer for the Herald’s Tropic magazine. He is married to Madeleine Blais and they live in western Massachusetts.

    He left the newspaper grind to write books, racking up 12 novels so far, psychological thrillers that have made him an international success. His first, 1982's bestselling *In the Heat of the Summer, became the movie *The Mean Season , filmed partially in The Herald's newsroom ans starring Kurt Russell and MAriel Hemingway.

    Two more of his books were made into films in the United States, 1995's *Just Cause and 2002's *Hart's War. A fourth book, *The Wrong Man was recently made into the soon-to-be-released French film Faux Coupable.