John Higham Quotes

John Higham
  • John Higham

  • Born: in The United States.

  • Description: After completing his graduate degree in aerospace engineering, John Higham moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where he started his career and accumulated ten U.S. patents for various aspects of satellite design. Although he arrived in the Bay Area single, it wasn't long before he met September and they became inseparable. John, September, and their two children, Katrina and Jordan, still live in the San Francisco Bay Area where John continues to design satellites to keep the mortgage current.

    When he was about three years old, John used to enthusiastically jump up and down on the bench seat of his family's Ford station wagon, chanting, "Go on a long-long bye-bye!" as the car motored down the highway. Although the days of jumping up and down in a moving car are over, he still gets just as excited at the prospect of going somewhere new.