John F. Montagne
  • John F. Montagne

  • Born: in Atlantis, The United States Minor Outlying Islands.

  • Description: John F. Montagne was raised in the American Midwest, the seventh child of a seventh son... it matters in some time zones. His academic achievements include: a BA in English/literature from Morningside College in the U.S. Midwest, with minors in art (anthropological) and communications (journalism), a Masters in English from the University of Liverpool, U.K., with an independent study in paleoanthropology, teaching certification from Hamline University graduate school/linguistics dept. (MN. US.), an editing diploma from the London School of Publishing & the National Union of Journalists (U.K.). Throughout undergraduate and graduate coursework John was involved at several archeological dig sites, as a volunteer and researcher. He also worked as an investigative journalist and tech. writer when he was younger, contractually employed in the gaming industry (console and RPG’s), and still teaches as an adjunct professor. Later (mis?)adventures in the intelligence sector as a computational linguist took him abroad, on his own time tracing oral history as literary form. During a series of global deployments in Europe, Africa, Central and South America, he took up residence in London, England. Montagne has since returned to the Midwest of the U.S. where he has tried his hand at ranching, though remaining true to his roots he was more of a "cowpunk" than "cowboy". In the here-now (as opposed to the else-when) he enjoys living in the Kansas City area with his dearest muse, Ruby, and a pair of willful hounds ~ His hobbies include reading, writing, researching Antediluvian theories and the science of science fiction, gaming: board & video, martial arts, and gunslinging. It's said that this author dabbles in quantum something-or-others for an alternative history novel - or perhaps altering history, he sometimes forgets which... Hexagonal chips or chits, truths best left in the vaults of Clarke's archives and Lemurian Tombs.

    'Swinging from a Halloween Tree he shouted Olly-olly-ox-in-free!'

    -Unknown Observer. ca. 2099