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J.L. Langland
  • J.L. Langland

  • Date of birth: September 13
  • Born: in The United States.

  • Description: J. L. Langland has been obsessed with science fiction and fantasy since Junior High. Upon hearing the job description "High Energy Astrophysicist" in 8th Grade Physical Science, he set out to become one. His express goal to develop trans-warp capability, patent it, license patent rights, make money, build spaceship, go to the stars.

    OK, well, he got a B.S. in Astrophysics, then his M.S. and Ph.D. in Experimental High Energy Physics. But by that point, he'd realized that there were probably easier ways to make a living than developing warp drives. Turns out, it was rather more difficult than he'd thought in 8th Grade.

    So, clearly, the better alternative was to use his knowledge of Multiversal Quantum Topology to create a gateway to other planes of existence.

    OK, that was tricky too and took many years of work, but eventually he perfected Astral Projection and was able to travel the multiverse using the power of his mind.

    Now he brings to you, the reader, true stories and historical accounts from his adventures on other planes of existence.

    J.L. "Doc" Langland was raised on Heinlein, Zelazny, Blish, Herbert, Azimov, Chalker, E.E. "Doc" Smith, Katherine Kurtz, MZB, Paul Edwin Zimmer, Anne McCaffrey, Piers Anthony, Anne Rice, Robert Jordan and thousands of others. He began writing for himself in ages past and has published numerous net fiction short stories under various aliases.