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"Do not, as long as you live, ever again allow your real name to be coupled with your home address."

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J.J. Luna
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  • Description: In 1959, J. J. (Jack) Luna sold his outdoor advertising business in the Upper Midwest and moved with his wife and small children to the Canary Islands off the coast of West Africa. Outwardly, he was a professional writer and photographer. Secretly, he worked underground in an activity that was at that time illegal under the regime of Generalissimo Francisco Franco.

    In 1970 Franco yielded to intense pressure from the western world and moderated Spain's laws, leaving Luna free to come in from the cold. By that time, however, privacy had become an ingrained habit. In the years that followed he started up various one-person low-profile businesses, built them up and then sold them.

    JJ Hidden HomeLuna is especially interested in designing and building secret spaces and hiding places. He currently has a 3300-square foot three-level safe house for sale that is set in an almost-invisible location despite being within city limits. The exterior is complete but the interior is unfinished, awaiting a buyer who will decide which spaces or rooms are to have secret entrances. The approximate price, when finished according the buyer’s instructions, will be $795,000, plus (if desired) the cost of a secret escape tunnel into the adjoining forest. The location is in the Pacific Northwest.

    Luna has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, profiled in Playboy, and interviewed on the G. Gordon Liddy Show. His most popular book, How to be Invisible, is available in all major book stores and on Amazon.com. In addition to writing a series of e-books, he meets with individual clients who are in need of help in the fields of privacy and security.