Quotes by Jill Wolfson

"Fact: Cells are constantly dying and new ones are taking their place
Fact: After seven years have gone by, every cell in my body has died and a new one has taken its place.
Do the math. That means that every seven years, I'm a totally new me. not one of the old cells remains. Twice, I've had a total makeover"

Books by Jill Wolfson

  • Furious
  • 677 ratings
  • April 16th 2013 by Henry Holt and Co. BYR
Jill Wolfson
  • Jill Wolfson

  • Date of birth: January 01
  • Description: Hello! I'm the author of novels for middle grade readers (8-12) and young adults.

    Coming soon! FURIOUS. April 2013 from Henry Holt. The Furies of Greek mythology are rising!

    My debut novel, "What I Call Life" and its follow-up, "Home and Other Big, Fat Lies" revolve around the lives of kids living in foster care. I'm also the author of "Cold Hands, Warm Heart" (Henry Holt, 2009). It's about sudden death, sudden life.