Quotes by Jill Green

"Although scholars such as Butler have debated such approaches as reinforcing problematic identity models and creating an either/or distinction, Lather is referring to the power of using the discouraged discourse as an act of transgression. Thus, embodiment and reflexivity are tools used to disrupt current language and assumptions about the value of female bodies through a voluptuous validity. The term "voluptuous" is not used as an objectification of a sexualised body, as seen through the male gaze, but rather as an ownership of the body through a somantic fullness. Characteristics associated with female, body, fluids, excess, undisciplined, and out of order aspects are purposively used as an act of rebellion against patriarchal taboos."

Books by Jill Green

  • Free To Bloom
  • 8 ratings
  • April 11th 2011 by Avocate House A Cappela Publ.
  • A Bad Penny
  • 0 ratings
  • May 20th 2013 by First Century Ltd. ISBN 1 903930-71-5
Jill Green
  • Jill Green

  • Born: in San Fancisco, CA, The United States.

  • Description: Though born in California, and living in France as a child, Jill Green's formative years were spent on Florida's Gulf Coast. After college at the Univ of Florida, marriage, two children - one deaf, she started teaching, helped run two businesses and after 30 years, got divorced.
    What a turn life took! Now living in two countries, Sarasota, FL and Costa Rica, she forgot her French, but learned Spanish. Living alone took many adjustments, eventually she has become a self-sufficient, adventuresome individual, traveling the world, volunteering with many organizations, climbing mountains, surfing the seas and teaching ESL in Costa Rica and Florida.
    After many years working and bringing up a family she has finally become a published writer with her book of connected short stories Free to Bloom about life in Costa Rica and the United States, hopefully the first of many. Although she has written stories and essays for small magazines, her next big project is auto-biographical: the trials, tribulations, joys and sorrows of living with and educating a deaf child who after the fact designed and now runs a successful website www.gatorcountry.com, one of the top U. of Florida Gator football websites.Visit Jill's personal blog at http://www.costajill.com and her Free to Bloom blog at http://freetobloombook.com