Quotes by Jessica Steele

"Damn you!" he reviled her, "damn you for your physical charms!"

"At the risk of hurting your feelings, I think you should know that some kisses are more special than others."

"silent tears fall ruefully at midnight"

Books by Jessica Steele

  • The Other Brother
  • 260 ratings
  • July 1982 by Mills & Boon

    (first published November 1981)

  • Devil In Disguise
  • 191 ratings
  • December 1982 by Mills & Boon

    (first published December 1980)

  • Bachelor's Wife
  • 123 ratings
  • January 1982 by Harlequin Romance

    (first published June 1981)

Jessica Steele
  • Jessica Steele

  • Date of birth: May 09, 1933
  • Born: in Warwickshire, The United Kingdom.

  • Description: Jessica Steele was born on May 9, 1933 in the elegant Warwickshire town of Royal Leamington Spa. She has two super brothers, Colin and George, and a lovely sister, Elizabeth. She was a delicate child and missed a lot of school. In fact, she left school at aged 14, when she was diagnosed as having tuberculosis. At 16, she started work as a junior clerk. In 1967, Jessica married with her husband, Peter and within a very short space of time they had moved from her hometown to the lovely area where they now live. Their house is built into the side of a hill, and has beautiful views over more hills and valleys. Her brothers and her sister are very close and she has plenty of nephews and nieces to make up for the fact that she and her husband have no children of their own. Both she and her husband are more than a little dog-oriented, and their current dog is a Staffordshire bull terrier named Florence. Florence is gorgeous. She loves everybody but, since she is 40 pounds of dynamite and would hurl her boisterous self at everyone she meets - given half a chance - she has to be restrained (as much as possible). She is fun.

    Her husband spurred Jessica on to her writing career, giving her every support while she did what she considers her five-year apprenticeship (the rejection years) while learning how to write. She published her first books in 1979. Jessica has tried using a typewriter, but it just doesn't work for her. She is much happier writing in longhand, and in actual fact has a dozen or so fountain pens filled and ready to go at the start of any one session. A friend has a secretarial agency and, after deciphering Jessica's writing, returns an immaculately typed manuscript. To gain authentic background for her books, she has travelled and researched in Greece, Russia, Egypt, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Hong Kong, China and Japan.