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Jeff   Hodges
  • Jeff Hodges

  • Born: in Jamaica,Queens Ny, The United States.

  • Description: Hire Jeff as your Empowerment Speaker, for your next KeyNote event

    Jeff is a man on a mission. He is the brains behind Jeff Hodges Media parent company to Young Men’s Perspective Magazine and Young Men’s Perspective Radio Shows; through his transmedia company Jeff conveys and communicates the message and the power of transformation. He is driven by his passion for change; Jeff is an Empowerment Speaker, Youth Advocate, Publisher and Author of his bestseller, A Collection of Conversations A Guide To Success Vol. 1.

    As a Youth Empowerment Specialist Jeff connects with the core of at-risk youth and troubled young people, Jeff is also a very hardworking, creative visionary who is focused on using his creative gifts to uplifting and inspiring future leaders through the many coaching tools and strategies he’s been trained to designed.

    As a credited transformational leader Jeff is one of the nations up and coming motivational expert speakers. He has inspired countless people around the world, sharing his breakthrough methods for personal growth and development and professional success. Jeff’s true gift is his ability to connect with young African-American males, inspire them to take the lead in their own lives and communities. He engages his audiences by sharing his journey of transformation and self discovery from what is too often a common starting point of cautionary tales from criminality, violence, hurt guilt and self-hatred, just to name a few. He shares with them his authentic, vivid, and transparent tale of transformation leading them to a place of inspiration and hope.

    His message resonates clearly with those who hear him: Jeff shares powerful techniques which assist with establishing deep and authentic happiness and well-being. Specializing in the unique struggles of young black males and the negative forces many of them face on a daily basis, his works have been proven to help all he reaches to tap into their own authenticity. He is an energetic, charismatic, lively, and down-to earth person others can truly relate to. Audiences love him whether he’s up on stage or springing to life on the pages of his book and publications, he is direct, no-nonsense, approachable, and truthful. Known for his lively sense of humor and dynamic delivery, Jeff opens the hearts of all who hear him

    Jeff Hodges
    Youth Empowerment Speaker/Author/Mentor/Radio-TV Host/Producer/Publisher