J.E. Rogers
  • J.E. Rogers

  • Born: New York City, The United States.

  • Description: I am the author of the Writer's Digest Award winning middle grade fantasy, The Sword of Demelza. I have always loved to read fantasy. Now I love to write fantasy. I take much of my inspiration from Brian Jacques’ Redwall Series, The Mismantle Chronicles, by M.I. McAllister, and The Red Wolf Conspiracies, by Robert Redick, just to name a few. I am an avid student of all things Australian, and this love of Australia, and its wildlife, has flowed into my first book, which will lead to the second. I provide a glossary for my young readers so they will become familiar with the unusual flora a fauna found with the pages.
    Thank you for visiting my Author page, and please check out my blog, and my book. It's so different, like nothing else you've read before.
    http://warriorechidna.blogspot.com Sincerely, J.E. Rogers