Jay Barry
  • Jay Barry

  • Born: The United States.

  • Description: Jay Barry took to the creative urge of writing as a child when he went door to door, selling comic books he wrote and illustrated. After a brief hiatus, he picked up writing in high school, completing many children's stories. One of these actually got an honorable mention in a contest. Then they spelled "Jay" wrong on the award. Sheesh. English majors can be jerks. During college, he took advantage of student loans, trekking through the Old World and writing travelogues and is still paying off those student loans.

    He got the idea for Throttling the Bard at an Andrew Bird concert when he sung "Case in Point." Since then the idea grew and here is the finished product. If you have any idea of how to get a copy to Mr. Andrew Bird (or his bowl of fire), please let me know.

    When he isn't referring to himself in the third person, he writes in the third person on his latest novel, a murder/mystery between the Olympians and Titans set in modern day Austin, Texas.