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Jason E. Hodges
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  • Description: Jason E. Hodges started writing around 1989 after seeing writer William S. Burroughs in a movie. As an artist, the idea of being a writer, and the longevity a good writer could have, appealed to Jason. He started writing poetry and what is now called flash fiction. In the beginning, he was drawn to writers like Charles Bukowski and Anne Sexon, not only for their style, but the content of their work. They spoke a language from a world he knew all too well. Jason's life had been intertwined with colorful characters who lived with little worry of seeing the next day. Growing up among the working class South also influenced much of his work. It's a hard world he came from, where you may hug a friend or family member one day and the next help carry their coffin to the cemetery. But it's also a world of crimson sunsets falling into endless horizons while mockingbirds sing to one another that the long day is finally over. A place where nights are filled with sounds of whippoorwills throwing calls through standing pines jutting upwards into star-filled skies. Where fireflies dance in the darkness by the thousands over the newly turned fields from the plow. Growing up in this world, Jason was naturally drawn to writers like Larry Brown, Flannery O'Connor, and Harry Crews. The real turning point for him in his writing was being able to spend time with Harry Crews. He encouraged Jason to keep writing, much like Crews' mentor, Graham Greene, encouraged him years earlier. Jason dedicated his first book "The Mailbox," to Harry along with something he told Jason during their time together. Jason's previous work can be found at The Fringe Magazine, The Camel Saloon, Indigo Rising Magazine, Raven Images, Daily Love, The Rainbow Rose, Dead Snakes, Books On Blog, The Second Hump, Poetic Medicine, Catapult To Mars, The Devil's Advocate, Writer Beat, Tower Publications, CrossTime Science Fiction Anthologies Volumes, 8, 9, and 10, or by visiting his blog, The Dirt Worker's Journal.