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"What is the meaning of life?" asked man.
"Seek and ye shall find," said God. "That was my method."
The man replied, "How might I do that?"
"Take a setting," instructed God. "Add some dirt and water, mold it into something likeable. Let there be light to break up the darkness. Plant some trees and fruit. Don't forget to put in a few animals. Then create a few wild things that are as curious in thought as you, and let them figure the damned thing out."

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J. Edward Vance
  • J. Edward Vance

  • Born: in Vancouver, Canada.

  • Description: J. Edward Vance is a guy who sits too much. Once an active, leanly-built fellow living and working in the suburbs of Vancouver, British Columbia, he now pokes excessively at his keyboard and glares at his computer screen praying that something brilliant will appear.