J. DeWayne Pierce
  • J. DeWayne Pierce

  • Born: in Chattanooga, TN, The United States.

  • Description: J wrote his first adventure story, just for the fun of it, at the age of 10. He was always the guy in class that was told to sit down and quit throwing experimental airplanes out the window and that was at the university. He has been a US Marine, Active and Reserve, serving in the Vietnam War as a radio operator for convoy escorts in an area tenderly referred to as "Leatherneck Square". He also served in the Persian Gulf War of 1991 as the Communications Chief for a self-propelled 155mm Howitzer Battery, being among the first military units to liberate Kuwait and the Burning Kuwaiti Oil Fields (The "literal" Mouth of Hell). After his adventures in the Arabian Peninsula J returned to his humdrum job, all things being relative, as a Radiochemist at Sequoyah Nuclear Plant. As you've probably already guessed, J uses his combat experience and recollections of his world travels to make his stories come alive, while underpinning them with his knowledge of basic nuclear physics(That's "nu clee ur" not "nu clur"). He lives with his wife Patricia, his hamster "Chesty" and his time machine in Rock Spring, Georgia.