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Harry Whitewolf
  • Harry Whitewolf

  • Born: in The United Kingdom.

  • Description: Harry Whitewolf is doing his own thing.

    He's the author of two ragamuffin travelling tales: Route Number 11 (about Harry's five-month drunken journey around Argentina; and across the borders to Paraguay, Chile and Brazil) and The Road To Purification (which describes his mad-as-fuck pot-smoking trip around Egypt). In addition, Harry has written ten collections of distinctive contemporary poetry, including The Gulag Village Green, New Beat Newbie, and the award-winning Rhyme and Rebellion.

    Whitewolf is also co-editor and contributor of The Anti-Austerity Anthology, a book for charity which has been featured in The Canary and on the Steve Topple and George Galloway online show.

    Over the years, Harry has performed his poetry at the Portobello Festival, the Winchester literature fringe festival and numerous open mic. nights and gigs. These days however, he prefers making fun and quirky performance vids from the comfort of his smoky flat. You can find Harry's performances on his website: www.harrywhitewolf.comHe also writes and illustrates funny children's books, that grown-ups can enjoy too, under the pen name of Mr. Wolf. Check out Mr. Wolf's books and cartoon illustrations on his website: www.booksforchildren.wix.com/mrwolfAs if that weren't enough to be getting on with, Harry's poetry has appeared in four other anthologies and you can find his wacky fiction in the unique books ReejecttIIon - a number two and They're Making It Up As They Go Along, which Harry co-authored with Daniel Clausen. Whitewolf also wrote the foreword for punk-poet Andy Carrington's kick-arse book What's Wrong With The Street!Amongst all of that, Harry somehow finds time for his day job as an article writer and illustrator.Harry Whitewolf was born in England in 1976. He hopes to see world peace in his lifetime, and yes, Harry believes miracles are possible.Spread the love.