Quotes by Gordon Highland

"Heavenly Father, I promise never again (or for three business days, whichever comes first) to take your blessings for granted if your boundless wisdom can manifest to smite this motherfucker. I don’t know, rain down some sulphur, whisper divine suggestion into his ear, even the old salt pillar trick would suffice. But ... I will take up thy sword and act as the county’s mortal archangel once again if I must. I swear to your oft-alleged earthly son that if this thug doesn’t put the toddler down and stop swinging that oversized plastic bat at us, he’ll spend his weekend removing my well-shined size eleven Florsheim from his PCP-smoking ass at the Ballard Institute for Deadbeat Dad Castration."

"Borrowed time and stolen moments are those of which we take the most ownership."

"Reading without suspicion is more dangerous than blogging without authority."

"Strapped in, this chair conjures sympathetic imagery the eyes could never record. Theater of the mind etched on the skull wall. The collective depression of the universe weighting our thoughts, the search for truths, the need to feel connections with others. Bliss balancing confusion, fear tempered by hope."

"Many people talk of the “god-shaped void” in their lives that had been waiting to be filled by faith. Always in born-again hindsight, this is. Of course, in present tense, the void is usually first tested with drug- and carnality-shaped pieces until the person’s jigsawed chi bottoms out and settles for spirituality in the bonus round."


Books by Gordon Highland

  • Flashover
  • 29 ratings
  • April 23rd 2012 by CreateSpace
  • Major Inversions
  • 20 ratings
  • August 7th 2009 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

    (first published 2009)

Gordon Highland
  • Gordon Highland

  • Description: Gordon Highland is the author of the novels Flashover and Major Inversions, as well as Submission Windows: a collection of stories and verse. He's published short stories in Word Riot, Noir at the Bar 2, Warmed and Bound, Black Heart Magazine, and many others. Gordon lives in the Kansas City area, where he makes videos by day and music by night.