Quotes by Gemma Gorga

"I ponder it now, while holding this new book in my hands, the words still slick like the feathers of a newly hatched bird."

—Gemma Gorga"


I pry out the seeds with my fingers and all
my memories spill onto the frosty marble
counter. Little, lit up like ruby-red carnival lights,
rough as the cat tongue of Time
inviting us to sit at the table to gobble us up
in a mouthful. The pomegranate returns
late autumn, ready to ruin us, on whichever night
we are in the kitchen, distracted by dinner: very lightly
it stains our fingers that pensive, murky color,
the color hours take on that won’t
clot—the open color of memory."

Books by Gemma Gorga

  • Mur
  • 8 ratings
  • April 2015 by Meteora
Gemma Gorga
  • Gemma Gorga

  • Date of birth: June 10, 1968
  • Born: in Barcelona, Spain.