F.S. Flint
  • F.S. Flint

  • Date of birth: December 19, 1885
  • Died: February 28, 1960
  • Born: in London, England.

  • Description: English author Franklin Stuart Flint was a prominent poet in the Imagist movement, along with Ezra Pound and T E. Hulme. Flint abandoned school at the age of 13 to pursue rigorous self-study, eventually mastering 10 languages, including French and Latin, while working at various jobs. At 17, he took up poetry, inspired by the writing of Keats. He published this, the first of his three books of poetry, when he was 24. This early work channels Keats and Shelley in its love lyrics, while later works reflect the influence of innovative French poetry, the Imagist movement and the his friendship with Ezra Pound. At age 35, following the death of his wife, he ceased poetry altogether, but continued writing the authoritative translations of French works for which he is also well-known.