Quotes by Friedrich Hölderlin

"What has always made the state a hell on earth has been precisely that man has tried to make it heaven."

"You have a head and a heart? Reveal only one of them, I say; If you reveal both at once, doubly they'll damn you, for both."

"But where the danger is, also grows the saving power."

"Wir sind nichts; was wir suchen ist alles. (We are nothing; what we search for is everything.)"

"when i was a boy
a god often rescued me
from the shouts and the rods of men
and i played among trees and flowers
secure in their kindness
and the breezes of heaven
were playing there too.

and as you delight
the hearts of plants
when they stretch towards you
with little strength

so you delighted the heart in me
father Helios, and like Endymion
i was your favourite,
Moon. o all

you friendly
and faithful gods
i wish you could know
how my soul has loved you.

even though when i called to you then
it was not yet with names, and you
never named me as people do
as though they knew one another

i knew you better
than i have ever known them.
i understood the stillness above the sky
but never the words of men.

trees were my teachers
melodious trees
and i learned to love
among flowers.

i grew up in the arms of the gods."

Books by Friedrich Hölderlin

  • Empédocles
  • 191 ratings
  • January 1st 2006 by Hiperion

    (first published 1846)

  • Antigone
  • 110 ratings
  • (first published -441)

  • Odes and Elegies
  • 52 ratings
  • December 31st 2008 by Wesleyan

    (first published 1993)

Friedrich Hölderlin
  • Friedrich Hölderlin

  • Date of birth: March 20, 1770
  • Died: June 07, 1843
  • Born: in Lauffen am Neckar, Germany.

  • Description: Johann Christian Friedrich Hölderlin was a major German lyric poet, commonly associated with the artistic movement known as Romanticism. Hölderlin was also an important thinker in the development of German Idealism, particularly his early association with and philosophical influence on his seminary roommates and fellow Swabians Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling.