Quotes by Friedrich Dürrenmatt

"A writer doesn’t solve problems. He allows them to emerge."

"A story is not finished, until it has taken the worst turn"

"Je planmässiger Menschen vorgehen, desto wirksamer trifft sie der Zufall."

"I destini, considerati a posteriori, sono logici"

"Reality can be only partially attacked by logic."

Books by Friedrich Dürrenmatt

  • Die Physiker
  • 20,762 ratings
  • February 1st 2001 by Diogenes

    (first published 1962)

  • The Visit
  • 16,190 ratings
  • January 7th 1994 by Grove Press

    (first published 1956)

  • The Pledge
  • 5,385 ratings
  • October 1st 2006 by University of Chicago Press

    (first published 1957)

  • La sospecha
  • 3,888 ratings
  • January 20th 2021 by Tusquets Editores

    (first published 1952)

  • Der Verdacht
  • 3,887 ratings
  • September 1st 2004 by Distribooks

    (first published 1952)

  • Die Panne
  • 2,220 ratings
  • September 1st 1998 by Diogenes Verlag AG

    (first published 1956)

  • Romulus der Große
  • 1,145 ratings
  • September 1st 1998 by Diogenes Verlag

    (first published 1956)

Friedrich Dürrenmatt
  • Friedrich Dürrenmatt

  • Date of birth: January 05, 1921
  • Died: December 14, 1990
  • Born: in Konolfingen, Switzerland.

  • Description: Friedrich Dürrenmatt (1921 – 1990) was a Swiss author and dramatist.

    Dürrenmatt was born in the Emmental (canton of Bern), the son of a Protestant pastor. His grandfather Ulrich Dürrenmatt was a conservative politician. The family moved to Bern in 1935. Dürrenmatt began to study philosophy and German language and literature at the University of Zurich in 1941, but moved to the University of Bern after one semester. In 1943 he decided to become an author and dramatist and dropped his academic career. In 1945-46, he wrote his first play, "It is written". On October 11 1946 he married actress Lotti Geissler. She died in 1983 and Dürrenmatt was married again to another actress, Charlotte Kerr, the following year.

    He was a proponent of epic theater whose plays reflected the recent experiences of World War II. The politically active author gained fame largely due to his avant-garde dramas, philosophically deep crime novels, and often macabre satire. One of his leading sentences was: "A story is not finished, until it has taken the worst turn". Dürrenmatt was a member of the Gruppe Olten.