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"In fact, I’ve met countless believers who have said, “The church is an organism, not an organization.” Yet as they formed those very words, they continued to be devout members of churches that were organized along the lines of General Motors and Microsoft."

The term organic church does not refer to a particular model of church. (We believe that no perfect model exists.) Instead, we believe that the New Testament vision of church is organic. An organic church is a living, breathing, dynamic, mutually participatory, every-member-functioning, Christ-centered, communal expression of the body of Christ."

"What history teaches us is that men have never learned anything from it.” —G. W. F. Hegel, nineteenth-century German philosopher"

"When the Greeks got the gospel, they turned it into a philosophy; when the Romans got it, they turned it into a government; when the Europeans got it, they turned it into a culture; and when the Americans got it, they turned it into a business."

"In short, the goal of the gospel is not to get you out of hell and into heaven, but to get God out of heaven and into you so that He may be displayed visibly and glorified in His creation."

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  • Born: Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, The United States.

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    Frankie V. (Frank Viola) trains people in the craft of writing through his annual SCRIBE training.
    http://frankviola.org/scribeHe has written some books in the past on the love, grace, and mercy of Jesus Christ and against the harsh, cruel, toxic, unforgiving, mean-spirited and unloving attitude that Jesus' enemies had toward Him and His people: the scribes and the Pharisees. Unfortunately, as many biblical scholars have pointed out, there are many people who carry the spirit of the self-righteous, Pharisee today who consider themselves to be "good people" and "Christians" even, who condemn others while excusing their own sins. Something that God Himself hates.Jesus said that all of God's Law is summed up in these words. "Treat other people the way you want them to treat you" (Matthew 7:12). Those who live this way, especially toward people who have offended them, are the true followers of Christ.