Quotes by Felix Wantang

"The birth of Jesus Christ is a reminder of what Adam and Eve failed to do in the Garden of Eden."

"God did not force Salvation on humanity; He made it a gift dependent on the free will of the recipient because He is not interested in numbers. Mega Churches are numbers. Matthew 7:13-14."

"Every progress made by Satan and every technological breakthrough in human history occurs because God allowed it; God created Satan and God is in complete control of everything. Job 1:6-12"

"Only a fool will accept a gift you cannot keep. You can't keep anything from the world but salvation is wise and everlasting. John 3:16"

"Jesus Christ died on the cross for everything you are afraid of."

Books by Felix Wantang

Felix Wantang
  • Felix Wantang

  • Born: in South West, Cameroon.

  • Description: While working for a missionary hospital in a small town called Nguti in Cameroon, Felix Wantang received his first visitation from Jesus Christ in October 1991. After graduating with an MBA from the European University Madrid - Spain, he eventually moved to Canada in 1999 where he started meeting regularly face-to-face with Jesus Christ to learn the language of Heaven, the teachings of Jesus Christ, and the supernatural mysteries of the Holy Bible. During one of the meetings in 2006, Jesus asked him to start writing the Hidden Supernatural Mysteries of the Holy Bible and the Language of Heaven because the Church for the most part has lost its way. His book is a series (trilogy) of Biblical revelations from Jesus Christ in the Language of Heaven titled, "Face to Face Meetings with Jesus Christ". Felix Wantang lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife and children. He continues to meet face-to-face regularly with Jesus Christ to learn more from God's plan for humanity.