Evelyn Rogers Quotes

Evelyn Rogers
  • Evelyn Rogers

  • Born: in The United States.

  • Description: Don’t get me wrong...I love my husband...but I’ve spent a lifetime caught in a passionate affair. My lover taunts, teases, enrages, thrills, amuses, and ultimately satisfies. His name? Language. Readers, you know what I’m talking about. Whether written, spoken, or sung, words entice me as no other human invention could ever do. Okay, music is a close second; when you put the two together, the result is sublime.

    Like most writers, I came to this devilish profession through a love of reading. I’ve worked as a crime reporter, teacher, librarian - challenges all. They culminated in the creation of stories of my own, both contemporary and historical. My wish is that you let them seduce you

    I live in San Antonio with my husband, dote on five grandsons, and travel whenever and wherever I can. My photo was taken on the dock in Liverpool, England, in front of a modern sculpture of a “lamb-banana,” the artist’s whimsical cross between a lamb and a banana. This was shortly before an emotional trip to the boyhood homes of John Lennon and Paul McCartney.