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"Racism watching is a puzzle solving activity and often involves debunking pseudo-science. The investigator must try to figure out what makes people believe in weird ideas. As Stieg said in an interview, ‘Fifty years later, people still believe in this; the whole Neo-Nazi movement. There is absolutely no sense in this. They do it contrary to everything science tells us. Contrary to human goodness or altruism, contrary to rational thinking. And this is fascinating, why?"

Books by Eric Bronson

  • King of Rags
  • 15 ratings
  • May 12th 2013 by Neverland Publishing Company, LLC
Eric Bronson
  • Eric Bronson

  • Description: Eric Bronson is the author or editor of six books. He has a Ph.D. in philosophy and currently teaches in the Humanities Department at York University in Toronto. His classes on Modern Life focus on anxiety, creativity, and happiness.

    The Chicago Sun Times noted that Bronson's "Baseball and Philosophy makes you realize just how fun thinking about baseball really is."

    His most recent book, King of Rags, explores Scott Joplin's tragic quest to write the music of civil rights fifty years before America was ready to listen.