Elizabeth   Marshall
  • Elizabeth Marshall

  • Born: in South Africa.

  • Description: Elizabeth Marshall is the pen name of the author of the ‘Highland Secret Series’. She was born on Christmas Eve at St Mary’s Hospital, at the Marianhill Monastery, in the province of Natal, South Africa.

    Elizabeth grew up in a small village called Hillcrest surrounded by a large Scottish farming family.

    Her primary education was delivered by Nuns from the Monastery in which she was born. The teaching that Elizabeth received during her primary school days provided an invaluable foundation and grounding.

    Smiling, Elizabeth recalls a gift, presented to her by Sister Domianis at the end of a school year. It was a prayer card and on it was simply written the word – Patience.

    Through secondary school and into adult-hood, Elizabeth’s life centred on a love of reading, music, writing and history.
    A hopeless romantic and dreamer with a head full of stories, Elizabeth wanted desperately to write.

    Many real adventures later and Elizabeth is now living in the land of her ancestors and telling the stories she was born to tell.