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Eden  Davis
  • Eden Davis

  • Date of birth: May 25
  • Born: in Oakland, CA, The United States.

  • Description: Eden Davis is the erotic alter ego of one grown and sexy Essence best-selling author. An accomplished writer of both fiction and nonfiction, she created the Eden Davis Series featuring women of a certain age, to be enjoyed by lusty women of all ages. Eden lives in the New York area and is currently working on her next series.

    Okay, so that’s the official, mysterious book jacket blurb about me. All of it is true but I know it doesn’t really tell you much about me, so here’s a bit more information. I published my first book over fourteen years ago. Since then, I’ve successfully published five books (each with major publishing companies) under my real name, and now the Eden Davis “Dare” series brings my total to nine. I’m an Emmy award winning writer and have blogged for the Huffington Post—again all under my real name. So why the plume de nom?

    My intention was to write under my name. But then one day, my fifteen year old daughter was nosing around my desk and found my list of creative synonyms for private parts. Now most kids would cringe with embarrassment, ignore it and move on. But not mine! She marched right upstairs to ask me why I had a list with words like “vajayjay,” “vadge” “snatch” “trim” “coochie” “nib” “girl dick” “rod” “cock” and “heavenly johnson” pinned to my bulletin board. I wanted to tell her it was because you can’t just use “dick” and “pussy” in every other sentence, but instead, I just told her the truth—that my editor had asked me to write some adult stories, stories she was not allowed to read. She said the whole thing was “nasty,” and walked out. After that episode, I didn’t feel it was fair for my kids to be stuck with a mom who wrote “nasty” stories, so Eden Davis was born.

    Writing under a pen name is both exciting and disconcerting. Professionally, I feel like I’m starting all over again. It’s like being a virgin but with experience and hindsight. But in many ways, particularly when writing erotica, it’s very liberating. I’d been asked for years to write erotica, and I dabbled with a few short stories here and there in various bestselling anthologies, but I really didn’t think I had much to add to the market. Zane was kicking butt and taking names, and there were a slew of authors behind her, chasing her success. I saw no need to join the race.

    But then something happened. I stopped connecting to the erotic stories I used to love. Suddenly, they didn’t speak to me anymore. What I discovered was that I was getting older but the characters in the stories weren’t. I’d long since left my twenties and thirties and the sexual shenanigans that went with them, but the characters in the vast majority of erotic stories were still fast and single and screwing their horny contemporaries. I could no longer relate, and that’s when I saw my niche and Eden Davis was born.

    With The Eden Davis series I am hoping to fill a void in the genre that exists for women of a certain age. Women who have a long-term relationship and a wisdom about sex that can only come with life experience. Savvy, knowledgeable women who (like me) are transitioning into different life stages but still want to feel alive and sexy and sexual! So the Eden Davis stories are romantic and sexy and are about grown women embracing their naughty along with their nice. I hope to speak to the inner freak in every good girl no matter what her age. In each book, I even give you a Ticket to Paradise Tip—step-by-step instructions on how you might incorporate some of what you learned in the book into your own love life.

    The Eden Davis Series is elegant, luxurious, lusty erotica for the grown and sexy, but women of all ages will enjoy what they find between the covers. I hope you’ll read the entire ‘Dare’ series and let me know what you think. You can contact me here or on twitter @EdensStories or on Facebook at Eden’s Stories. And please let others know what you think by leaving reviews where ever you can